An American designer that started out unknown and unsure as to how big he would become. As it turns, out, most everyone has heard of Hilfiger. Unfortunately, he charges rediculous prices for his products, which are of poor quality. Unlike other designers whom have the highest of quality and one-of-a-kind designs, Hilfiger is nothing more than poor quality, urban clothes, that are annoyingly-plastered with "Tommy" or "Tommy Hilfiger" all over it. His lack of design variation (he seems to think red, white, and blue is utterly original) has made his products extremely boring. After the first two years or so, everything he's produced since is the same as the last, making fashion critics skeptical as to what his fans find so amazing about his designs (or lack thereof), and why people choose to wear his tasteless urban trash.
Hilfiger fan: "I paid $50 dollars for a white t-shirt that has "Tommy Hilfiger" plastered across the front."

Versace fan: "It must have been hand-made, right"

Hilfiger fan: "No, it was made in some sweat shop in China by little kids."
by oh no she didn't! August 7, 2005
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a white version of FUBU considered racist when fubu isnt...hmmmmmmmmm
by lufus! November 21, 2004
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A great line of clothing for wealthy, rich, white people. Tommy Hilfiger is a great man with quality clothes, and I like the fact that his line of clothing isn't designed for N dots.
Tommy Hilfiger is awesome, and his clothes are nice.
by Jeff Fassero May 25, 2006
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A designer who insists on making all his clothing red, white, and blue and stamps his name on all articles sold. His main target audiance is upper class yuppies, wiggers, and wankstas.
Wankster: Shoot, girl, don't chu dirty up my new Tommy pumps!
Yup: Ahh, I just love my new onyx Tommy cords! They brethe soo nicely!
by lexie Newman January 26, 2004
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A fashion designer who is very rich and apparently crazy. At Rosario Dawson's birthday party he started a fight with Axl Rose for no apparent reason
Axl could've kicked tommy hilfiger's scrawny ass
by jonzo the weasel July 30, 2006
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