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KooLAusGuy: Aus is so cool!
Hotgirl645: Yes it is!
by helloguy3953 January 17, 2019
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When your so pissed off from losing multiple amount of games that you play worse and worse till your so pissed you begin leaning over your keyboard screaming over every little mistake you make and complaining about gaming imbalances

(Common in Starcraft II)
"Why is johnny screaming at his computer"

"He lost a few games of Starcraft II, I think he is Tilting"
by Lashley1337 February 14, 2012
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An alot easier, more enjoyable, and better way to say the word awesome or any synonym of the word. Once used sparingly, the user tends to use the word more frequently for words such as cool, fun, good, and transforms into a very often used word.
-The Carter IV is gonna be so aus.
-Manny Pacquiao=aus
-Megan fox has an aus body
by Ami Evah November 29, 2010
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Both short for and slang for "awesome". Pronounced like "boss". Coined by Shen/Bennick during production of the sic aus film "Flight From Death".
"Kim is an aus lawyer."
by G. Bennick December 19, 2004
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(abbrev.) Anonymous Usage Statistics. All spyware has them.
Yay a new version of Winamp! I wonder if it sends anonymous usage statistics? I don't want AOL to know about all the bestiality on my hard drive...
by zorpidus April 16, 2004
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