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The act of freaking out in a chat room (i.e. screaming). Often identifed by the keyboard use of ALL CAPS and multiple exclamation points.
I don't know who this Joey269 dude is, but he started capping out on me when I said something about his mother.
by RV2PHX April 23, 2009
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The first person to leave his group of friends and go home during a fun late night out. This person will often try and slip out (i.e. leak out) unnoticed to avoid the embarrassment and shame of being the first to leave his buddies.
Man, it's only 10 o'clock and there goes Lamont. He is such a leaker.

by RV2PHX August 03, 2007
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To slip out of a party or social situation unnoticed in order to avoid the shame and humiliation of leaving early. (see leaker)
Hey, where did Mike go. He was just here a minute ago. Did he leak out and go home again? What a pussy!
by RV2PHX August 03, 2007
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The act of tucking ones penis and balls between the legs so as to look like a woman.
I hear that cross-dressing queer Sal changed his name to Sally. I saw a picture of him dressed in women's lingerie and doing a penis tuck to hide his manhood.
by RV2PHX June 16, 2008
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Randomly placing blame on a third party for something that someone else has done. Made popular by the song "United Hates Guitars." The song inadvertently places blame on Ms. Irlweg who works at the airline. Irlweg has become the scapegoat of the broken guitar incident.
In the company lunchroom: Who left the soda in the freezer? It exploded and the entire freezer is covered in frozen cola. (Silence - no one speaks up).

"Blame Irlweg."

Everyone laughs and accepts the conclusion.

"Alright people, get back to work."
by RV2PHX November 24, 2009
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A homo who likes jamming his dick into another homo's asshole.
Lance from N'Sync wants to give Richard Simmons a Butt rocket.
by RV2PHX July 21, 2008
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