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When someone is intoxicated beyond any other discernible level of drunkenness.
I was buzzed by 8, tipsy by 8:30, then I skipped drunk, wasted, smashed, and throwed and went right to hammered. I was completely leached by midnight. I don't even remember drilling the hostess or driving to Lafayette. One more shot and I would've been dead.
by brentus maximus July 25, 2010
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Giving a woman the best sex of her life. Like hear her on the moon, flooded the neighbourhood kinda sex.
That guy Leached her so hard, she will never be the same!

I started the date out nicely, brought her flower, held her hand and bought her supper. We had a lovely time at the Olive Garden, and decided to go to a movie. Hobo with a shotgun was a really great choice, very romantic. I then completely missed her house and drove straight to my place and insisted she come in for a drink or twenty. We drank on my polar bear rug, lit candles, turned on some Steel Panther and Leached her. Leached her all night long.
by LittleKingg December 15, 2015
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When you are put in a small dark room for hours on end as some kind of harsh punishment.
Johnny said he had a headache, so the teacher locked him in her supply cabinet for 3 hours. He totally got leached.
by alex_bruin December 30, 2009
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