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1) leach is a type of person who does their best to suck your personal wealth out of you, without actually causing pain, but just extreme annoyance after you notice it is happaning.

2) a friend who looses their job and for some reason needs a place to stay for a couple weeks until they get back on their feet. after living free for 2 weeks you find they are not looking for a job and they sit at your house to eat your food, mess your house up and watch talk show reruns all day.
3) the guy/girl who always wants to hang out, then when a few suggest to go out to eat somewhere, he/she agrees also. You dont come to find out until after everyone has eaten, and the bill is comming in that he/she has no money and is asking for everyone to chip in for them... which they reply sorry guys i thought i had cash on me.
1) OMG he is such a leach he only comes over when he sees me walk into my house with a case of beer.

2) hey leach, how about you get off my sofa and go get a job and get out of my house.
3) Wow, you ordered food, ate it, and then decided to tell everyone you had no money so no one could tell you they cant help you out? Your a strait up leach.
by thurg00d February 23, 2010

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