lavender is the person
you met and instantly
clicked with. theyre the
sweetest, most genuine person you've ever laid
eyes on. they walked into
your life like they had
always lived there. being
in their presence brings
out the best version of
by memalal January 11, 2022
A purple flower used for medicine,also edible and helps cure anxiety and stress with the smell of it.
That lavender smells so good! It’s so relaxing.
That’s such a pretty lavender!
by dorkycookie December 29, 2020
a term to describe lesbian women. It came from the 1940s when lesbians would give each other lavender to show that they were gay but anyone outside of the lgbt+ community at the time would not know this custom and would just think that they are good friends. this is how they escaped prosecution at the time
"yeah Carmilla and Laura are together." " oh I can smell lavender"
by the butt lord July 5, 2015
A person with a compulsive desire to constantly be on facebook, updating and commenting on every detail of their life.
Your such a lavender on facebook all the time.

Johns such a Lavender, comments on everything
by mr_cheese1 December 30, 2011
Is a shade of purple that i like
i like lavender and i will always will like lavender.
by Lavender paris December 8, 2016
Basil is a limp-wristed lavender
by Anonymous April 20, 2003
homosexual, usually fairly identifiable by manurisms. Can be used as an adjective or a noun
That guy over there is so lavender his parents knew he was gay before he did.
by Justin R Wilson August 28, 2006