A shy and quiet boy when you first meet him, but crazy and awesome when you become close enough. If you are nice to him and give him no reason to distrust you…well, he'll trust you. But if you do something out of line to him or one of his friends, it will be very hard to gain his trust back. He doesn't like to be rude, but He will lash out at you if you say something mean to him,his family, or his friends. He usually is never in a bad mood and it's very hard to get him angry, but when he is, it is the scariest shit ever. He is a very reliable person and will keep promises, but he will also tell lies. Normally, he will not like to share things about himsrlf unless you are one of his very close friends. He is a very good listener, and will always make you feel better. Basil has a talent in arts, and has amazing gaming skills. He doesn't like to look upset in front of others, so He usually keeps his problems to himself. With hair as gorgeous brown and bright brown eyes, Basil is really a catch. However, he really isn't that into dating, so it would be difficult for him to accept you on a date. You would be really lucky if you had a friend/boyfriend like him.
Basil is so awesome and snazzy
by Nom_nom_yum October 19, 2019
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The best boy.

From the video game Omori, Basil loves flowers and photography, but is very anxious and bullied a lot. He has suffered intense trauma and copes through denial and toxic positivity. However he is also very sweet, and often can be found wearing a flower in his hair.

Noteworthy for making many Omori players turn gay due to his sensitive nature and femboy-like appearance.

Many players also believe he and Sunny will hook up some time due to his and Sunny’s closeness (They are often seen holding hands and in one occasion Basil got Sunny to wear a flower like his) and his continuous defense of Sunny.
Omori Player: “Damn I’m intensely gay for Basil”
Other Omori Player: “Damn I’m intensely straight for Basil”
Basil: I just want to feel real happiness and see Sunny again
by EnbyIcon October 30, 2021
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Basil is one of the sweetest boys that you’ll ever meet. He’s perfect in every single way and treats others how they deserve to be treated. If you ever become friends with a Basil cherish him because he’ll always be there for you when you need it. He’ll always be able to make you happier and will always make you realise your worth and show you how much he appreciates you. However, if you are lucky enough to date a Basil, your life with be changed so much for the better. He’ll make every day better and will save you from the worst situations. You’ll become friends with some of his family but other members won’t like you so much but Basil won’t listen to what his family say and will love you forever and always.
Girl One: “I have something to tell you”
Girl Two: “Really? What is it
Girl One: “I’ve got a boyfriend named Basil”
Girl Two: “Awww. He’ll be so sweet”
by Nom_nom_yum January 3, 2020
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The most amazingly kind and sexy man you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. He isn't all looks however, Basil is also brilliant. If you ever find a Basil, snatch him up.
"Look there goes Basil. He is so hot."
by McPseudonym November 25, 2011
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A character from the game Omori. He’s sweet, has hella trauma, and definitely gay. He really needs a hug. He like photography and plants.
Person: oh do you kin anyone in omori
Other person: yea I kin basil
Person: you need a hug
by SunnyKin April 6, 2021
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a name for a boy that indicates they are of the sensitive nature; typically likes reading and the arts...a right side of the brain type of person; pulls off the soft boy aesthetic with ease. Has soft slightly curled hair that smells like mint. Wardrobe consists of knitted, oversized sweaters. Is not fragile about their masculinity. Is someone you can go on adventures with or spend the entire day lounging around, Basils have a way of bringing a tender touch of life into any scenario.

After ten years of marriage, still remains the cute husband you met when you were 17. Looks very cute grocery shopping and sorting through the organic market's fresh selection of herbs. Make you love domestic life because as stated earlier, can literally add life to any situation.

If you know a Basil, throw away all preconceived notions and marry him (regardless of your gender).
Girl: My husbando took me to an art museum for our twentieth anniversary. Afterwards, we listened to some lofi pop in cafe while it rained outside.

Girl 2: Cheryl, you guys are 40 but it's sweet you guys still date like teenagers in 2020.
Girl 1: Well my husband is such a Basil. He loves nostalgia and I love him.

Girl 2: Well this explains why your son is named Basil Jr.
by readerimauledhim February 20, 2020
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An urgent urge to take a shit when not in the homely environment. Urgent in the sense that a hand is required to push it up to stop the shit from coming out. For example in a mall or University.
Bruv, what the hell was in that curry. I went to work and I had some next level basil.

That Immodium worked wonders on that basil.
by Little_Mizz_Pharmacy November 16, 2011
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