Slang term that denotes 'Penis'. However it is very versatile and can even be used as a term of affection.
You're some langer!

Can mean: You're a dickhead


You're an affable rogue.
by gozzy1 April 3, 2009
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Irish-English spoken in Cork:

Wanker, jerk-off
The langers from Dublin took the trophee
by Extract August 19, 2006
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1. a penis
2. a dickhead

Originates from Cork, Ireland
1. "She bit me langer off"
2. "That fella's a langer"
by Oly March 26, 2005
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A silly man,fool, idiot, somebody who is very drunk,

the background of the word comes from county Cork in Ireland
that lads a langer
he is some langer
by buttso February 14, 2005
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1. a prick

2. to be langered (drunk)

3. idiot
1. all teachers are langers

2. oh god my head i was langered last night

3. did ya see that langer over there he fell again
by chadsexington4 October 4, 2006
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langers = drunk
langer= insult
my langer=penis
dude your such langer,you got so langers and whipped out you langer in front my gran.
by r_d_m December 2, 2010
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Someone who is being an idiot or fool or acting in a silly or foolish manner.

Being drunk
What a langer!

Did you see how much he's had to drink, he must be langers by now.
by Stephen Murray July 26, 2005
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