A chinese phrase usually said after a sentance in conversation, this is also followed by the other person answering with ar at the end of their sentance.
I've only got green socks, is that ok la?
Yup, thats fine ar!
by The Cherry Blossom Girl August 14, 2005
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Regional colloquialism for the Laurelton section of Queens, NYC.
"I'm from LA, 137th Ave".
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La. A common term used throughout the chav world. But at this present moment in Gods great world, emo's and goth's are starting to use the word 'la'. I think this is a discrete and clever way in taki the piss out of the mummy boy chavs (You fuckin gays).
N.B. (You may elaborate upon the 'a's you use for an even more dramatic effect.)
Damien - Alrite la
Tom - Hi hunni
Damien - Chavs are gay as fuck, wudnt you agree? Laaaaa <<<(Elaborated a's)
Tom - Yes, 100% and with feeling, they are poo pushers to say the least.
Damien - Hmmm i wonder how an emo chav wud speak...
Tom - 'Ii Luff Yoo Laaaaa xXx <3333333'
by Oliver the Great November 16, 2006
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This expression comes from Hebrew. It's a deformation of the Hebrew word: "LO", which means: NO. In this form it's used as a word of amazement in the meaning of: really ??? (or You don't say...). As long as the Laaaaaaa sounds - it's better.
A: Maccabi team lost in the basketball game.
B: La.
A: In the USA the currency is Dollar.
B: Laaaaa...
by Ran B March 21, 2006
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1)Lower Arnold; the part of Arnold, Missouri (see Jefferson County, Missouri) overrun by river-rats and and loose garbage.
2)Reference to anything cheap and in desperate need of replacement.
Don't go to LA. Your car is too nice.
by Rick James March 16, 2004
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