Something to say when you want to say "love" but don't really have the balls to say it. May be used for a prospect girlfriend/wife/babymaker and also to a friend of the same sex as you to prevent any confusions of homosexuality.
Phatty: "Hey Ms. New Booty! I la you!"
by phattyfee August 30, 2009
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the postal code for Louisiana. If you are looking for Los Angeles, try putting dots after each letter (duh).
LA is Louisiana, L.A. is Los Angeles. Got it?
by Toshiaki August 09, 2005
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"là" is a french word that can be translating by "now" in english. In quebec, they use this in there sentence like a kind of ponctuation.
-mais, je ne sais pas quoi faire->mais là je ne sais pas quoi faire
-je m'en vais, bye.->je m'en vais bye là
by roi ponpon August 14, 2005
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1. Arabic word for "no"
Iraqi kid to U.S. soldier, mistah, mistah pepsi?
U.S. soldier, "la"
by warpig November 27, 2004
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The act of stealing or illegally removing tokens from pizza boxes inorder to save money.

In a similar mold to 'gold fever', the 'La' will stoop to new lows for their preciouusss pizza tokens.

May be seen going through your neighbours recycling bins, selling friends organs on the black market for tokens or even on the streets giving handjobs for some token action.
"Where the fuck have all my Hell Pizza tokens gone ? "
"I think Al La'ed them! He's up at the store now saving a buck on a large pepperoni and cheese"
by Hell Pizza December 06, 2006
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a friendship bond so tight that no1 would ever brake it no one could ever come between it. 2 people that share something that many of you try and fail to achieve. 2 sexy ladies!!
L.A foreva
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