1)Lower Arnold; the part of Arnold, Missouri (see Jefferson County, Missouri) overrun by river-rats and and loose garbage.
2)Reference to anything cheap and in desperate need of replacement.
Don't go to LA. Your car is too nice.
by Rick James March 16, 2004
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meaning Los Angeles..... A lame ass city of gangsters who will shoot you just because you're not from that hood or because they have nothing better to do.
a city with nothing but un-educated people who kill because they don't like colors you wear... also has rappers who won't ever be famous because they rap about there Lame Ass gang that they bang .....
Smiley: "I'm from Los Angeles"L.A

Reggie:"man i dont give a fuck bout where u from"

Smiley"ay puto shut up!"

Reggie "come to Palm Beach County we'll murk yo ass nikkah"

(Reggie shoots Smiley, And cuts 561 Into his skin, and rips up his bandana)
by Fuck Los Angeles August 02, 2011
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Start by kissing a guy and slowly moving down his body then to lick a guys belly button in the shape of a L and then and A.
"ooo Loz give me an L.A"
"sure ed any time"
by Hazza May 22, 2003
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The most hardest block in C_town! L.A. BVC N*ggaz wats really Hood
We got anythin you Need.
by MiLo$ April 22, 2005
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LA shortened name of an anarchy group named League of Anarchists based in central england.
by Hugo February 10, 2005
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a man whore who doesnt know how to treat a lady. someone who is disrespectful and looks like a melon.
by madisonnn July 10, 2006
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