A type of expression used to announce one’s presence, seen in the Queer TV Drama “It’s A Sin
I wonder where Ritchie is?

(He arrives)

by All gay no pay January 24, 2021
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specifically marijuana of high potency and quality
that la la la i be smoking, be getting me right i be lokin' them bullshit trees you be smokin barely give you a buzz, me i get hiiiggh-50 cent
by B-40 June 21, 2005
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a unique name pronounced 'ladasha' that parents who are truly too lazy to think of a normal name give to their unfortunate child
Doctor: Congratulations on you beautiful baby girl. What will you name her?
Shaniqua: Imma name my baby L-a (ladasha)!
Doctor: ...
by Freddy18 November 21, 2011
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LA, also know as Los Angeles, seems to be the home of most YouTubers.

Joey Graceffa? Lives in LA
Jeffree Star? Lives in LA
James Charles? Lives in LA
Emma Chamberlain? Lives in LA
Tal Fishman (Reaction Time)? Lives in LA
David Dobrik? Lives in LA
Ashley: "I'm moving to LA!"

Lizzy: "What are you, a YouTuber?"

Sarah: "Tell me if you see David Dobrik!"
by random_person1234567890 January 28, 2020
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An amazing person who is always there to offer advice. If you need literally anything La is always there. La is an amazing character who is there to make you laugh and can enlighten a room the moment she steps in. She’d do literally anything for anyone and is one of the sweetest and most caring people you will ever meet. Anyone who has the opportunity to meet La is very lucky.
La is the best.
by Hdhgwhbehjdbdbhd October 08, 2019
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Something to say when you want to say "love" but don't really have the balls to say it. May be used for a prospect girlfriend/wife/babymaker and also to a friend of the same sex as you to prevent any confusions of homosexuality.
Phatty: "Hey Ms. New Booty! I la you!"
by phattyfee August 30, 2009
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