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nickname for the town of Elizabeth, NJ.
yo cuddy, we gunna hit up eastwick later?
by emo December 07, 2004
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short for That's Fucked Up.
"you can't freeload off my booze anymore"
"TFU Bitch!"
by emo October 06, 2004
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Evolved by em from pwn. It means to own greater than pwn.
Entensity pwntinders you.
by Emo June 18, 2004
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Fucking Disgusting! When anything is gross beyond words.
Man the food in the caf is fugusting.
by emo October 21, 2004
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scutty, lowest of the low
''look at that yetmo!''
by Emo November 11, 2004
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squishy chamber is the vagina
any female with a vagina
by Emo October 22, 2003
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a person who is a retard.And burger is funny
"hey there tardburger!"
by Emo December 25, 2003
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