Sexual relations between husband and wife. Used in mockery of conservatives who think sex should only happen in marriage.
"Can I come over tonight or are you and Lee having maritals?"
by Coell September 2, 2005
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A very energetic, cheery, happy and spontaneous girl. She can be so active it can be kinda annoying. Some people think she's obnoxious, but actually she is the besy, nicest, most suporting and best person you'll ever meet. Marit is good at basically everything she does. And she is also very pretty. Your life isn't complete without a Marit.
Today i was sad, but then Marit came and cheered me up! She is so amazing!
by Marittt April 28, 2015
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Girls name, the hottest girl you'll ever meet. she has the most amazing boobs and an amazing ass. she's the best person you'll ever hookup with. She is the bomb super outgoing and crazy! You will never have a bad time with her around! Marite is also a party girl and can drink like crazy so if you cant hang dont try her! She will out drink anyone! She's very picky so if you get the chance to do anything with her then you better cause shes one in a million! Once you memorize her name you'll never forget it! There is only One Marite! She's an amazing friend!
oh my god! she's so hot.
You hooked up with Marite? Your the luckiest guy alive!
I want to Smash Marite!
Who's Marite? What? Google her that bitch is famous!
by BLABJHEHKNWJ August 13, 2010
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An alternative word for a very salty salami
Damn! This Marit is salty!
by FourTwenty May 27, 2018
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synonym for BAMF. or somebody who ooses sex appeal.
you see somebody with a glock walking down the street, that's a marit.
by marjorinetime October 25, 2007
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Filipina version of Karen. Most of the time homophobic and promotes gender roles. Usually denies allegations of racism but shares "black face" memes and chugs glutathione and whitening soaps. Makes fun of fellow Filipinoes with regional dialects but tries to imitate the American accent. Also blames victims of rape
Sige Marites!

Hoy Marites alam mo ba?
by Kapitulako June 10, 2020
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Marit is the best person you will ever meet.
A Marit puts your well-being over her own.
Marits are the most caring, sweet, funny and weird people you will ever meet.
You gotta love that Marit
“Wow! Do you see that girl over there?! She’s so hot and amazing!”
“That’s definitely a Marit!”

What do you want for your birthday?”
“I want a Marit!”
by Marit lover ♥️ January 13, 2018
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