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Yeah but that was forever ago
by frabrizio December 16, 2017
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There are 3 types of internet trolls

Typical troll: Someone who posts claims they know are false in order to trigger people and get responses

Faker: Someone who lies about who they are

Wikipedia troll: Someone who adds deceitful information to Wikipedia

The following are both real life examples
Yahoo Answers

Typical troll in Chicago: The P on Trump Tower has lost its luster. Is Trump falling apart basically? *posts picture of Trump Tower showing that the P has indeed lost its luster*

Victim: Nope, trump is just getting started. The only reason trump may have lost luster is the fact that he is uncovering the slime, all the democrats and RINOs have polluted our government with

Troll attacker: I guess Moscow hooked pee tarnished the pee.

Yahoo Answers

Faker: Im a dog how do i type im a leatner?

(no responses)
by frabrizio December 29, 2017
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Those are some big apples!

I like apples, you like bananas.
by frabrizio November 17, 2016
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How illiterate people think though is spelled
by frabrizio December 17, 2017
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Person 1: Why didn't they tranquilize her?
Person 2: Okay, first of all, Harambe is male. Secondly, Harambe isn't an ordinary gorilla- Harambe is a god.
Person 1: (thinks it's gibberish)
by frabrizio July 9, 2017
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Sometimes used when the person is to lazy to say "All of them"
Me on Whisper: The Internet ruined the Shrek movies

Guy on Whisper replying: Shrek ruined Shrek
Me: Which one? 2nd? 3rd? 4th?
Guy: Yes
by frabrizio February 27, 2018
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A shy baby boy with long, blonde hair. I met him last year at Whole Foods.
Me: Hi!
Tate: O_O
Tate's mom: Say hi.
Tate: O_O
Tate's mom: He's shy xD
Tate's mom: Give her a high five.
Me: (puts palm up)
Tate's mom: (bumps Tate's knuckle on my palm)
by frabrizio August 22, 2017
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