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Used to describe a fictional animal if the writer chooses to give it the ability to speak and communicate. Wikipedia uses the word "anthropomorphic" for any animal in fiction that has human level intelligence, but you should only use it for animals in fiction that speak.
Why did they make the Puppy Dog from The Powerpuff Girls episode 'The Rowdyruff Boys' anthropomorphic in 'Shut the Pup Up'? It's stupid.

In some movies, humans are unaware that animals are anthropomorphic.
by frabrizio September 10, 2016
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An anthropomorphic animal does not walk in a human mimicked way and does not speak in complete sentences.
Stitch, Scooby Doo, and Odie are all examples of non-anthropomorphic animals.
by frabrizio May 19, 2018
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To believe animals understand everything humans say.
My 5-year-old asked a deer if he works for Santa.

When I'm on drugs, I tend to anthropomorphize my cat.
by frabrizio December 18, 2016
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A way to insult a person's appearance when meeting them for the first time
Guy: (on Reddit) Check out my cool new sweater
Guy 2: That's cool. Anyway, how is your sex life?
by frabrizio December 18, 2017
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Those are some big apples!

I like apples, you like bananas.
by frabrizio November 17, 2016
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The typical response when someone says something that makes no sense, as it is usually a sign that the person has fallen off the wagon
Guy 1: I thought he know about you. But that's just what he WANTED me to think.
Guy 2: Are you okay?
by frabrizio January 08, 2018
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