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A game of wits and challenge to see who can say the weirdest thing when they take either side of pro or con. This keeps going like the energizer bunny, and the only rules are that there are no rules!
Pro: A jellyfish eats nothing but sand and whey!
Con: Harps dont carry people in their trunks!
by Spandy April 30, 2005
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Much like the 'High Five' the High Fizzle joins two hands briefly with a slap and usually followed by a kaboot.
DOOD! Hit me up with a High Fizzle! KABOOT!
by Spandy May 1, 2005
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Unbelievably stoned beyond any comprehension.
1. Dude, I can't feel my legs...Damn, I'm bezzeled.
by Spandy April 15, 2003
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An act of passion involving numerous Tetris shapes and positions, including but not limited to: The Greased Flagpole, The French Clown, and The Messed up Squirrel, WARNING: NOT FOR AMATEURS!
Jeffrey that was a wonderful round of Body Tetris! Thanks for suprising me with The Messed up Squirrel.
by Spandy April 27, 2005
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The gross old man on your block who always jogs around in short shorts and no shirt with their "chest oldness" flapping about like nothing is wrong.
Check out that gross feebjog, he really needs a shirt and longer shorts
by Spandy April 29, 2005
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This is the goings on of the late night experience at Denny's, Norm's, Harbor House Cafe and any other 24 hour restaurant, this is where the drunks and crazies come to kill time while waiting for their buzz to wear off.
Lets go to Harbor House Cafe because their floor show is better than Denny's
by Spandy September 13, 2005
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