An adjective used to describe a girl with a fffaaatttt ass and most likely she has a nice face also.
Dddaaaammmmnnnn, that girl has a fucking phatty.
by stud_muffin32 December 29, 2018
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Marijuana slang term used in various contexts. 1:(n) Large joint or blunt. 2:(adj) Highly satisfactory.
1:"Yo, pass me that phatty"
2: "Damn dude, that is a phatty bong"
by a_bortion May 4, 2005
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A fat nigga that plays fortnite and all he does for a living is eat and talk
Phatty you want food ?
Phatty: Slide some
by Cacacacac July 20, 2019
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a big ole' dip of snuff
Niggas dont like phatties.
I took a big ole' phatty of cope fine.
by diggity dizzle October 31, 2003
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a girl with a vulumptcious bottom
damn look at numba 9, she gots a phatty
by Allie and Marissa November 9, 2007
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a large, fat butt that jiggles when you walk
Dang, that girl got a phatty!!
by taijel July 11, 2005
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