Language mistakenly thought to be started by hackers, however it was started by crackers who populated newsgroups and broke into computers for malicious purposes. Now commonly used among people with IQ less than 10 because they are compensating for the fact they that know almost nothing about computers. Sidenote- Hackers still use l337 occasionally as a way of making fun of the less intelligent.
d00dz 1 g075 73h l33735t h4><0rz 4 CS!!!
by Damien August 28, 2003
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Just a goofy way of saying Elite... Mostly used now as a joke more than anything.
I'm L337

I'm Elite
by Blag June 2, 2004
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Originally brought up from the gutters of the great hacking from 1995-2002. This language is most found up when on forums, websites and 'clans' . The language that many use on the internet to proclaim a different style of speech.

The obsession with 'L337NESS' is to be cooler than the other guy. To be so called more 'Ub3r than the other'

A high stated person on the internet will be spoken to using this language as a sign of greatly respected value.
Although this language seems to be of the highest fashion on the internet, it's nothing but a dispectful scandal against the hackers that used it to save themselfs from the FBI.
uR ub3r L33T.
A great example to be seen of the language, visit your nearest geek forums.
by GregX July 2, 2005
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elite speak. It used to be awesome but now it's just used mostly by geeks. The hackers invented it in the 80's. It's used way too much now by people who think it's still "cool"
Dude 1: 133t iz so k00l.
Me: Fuck you geek.
by DoomBringer316 February 11, 2004
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The Talk of computer geeks who play online games and talk like that to seem cool on net while in the real world they would get bullied and picked on my other kids.
1 4\/ 50 |=|_||<1|\|6 |_337
I am so fucking leet
by 2slickk May 22, 2005
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_L337 guide_
C=( or c
K=K or l<
O=Ø or 0
S=$ or 5
T=7 or +

_Additional notes_
1.In L337,abbreviations are commonly used although they are not part of L337$p33k(These do not become symbols).
2.Any word ending in "ck" becomes "xxØr" in L337.
3.Certain words are also unique to L337 e.g.73(-)(the) and /\/\3(-)(my)Sentence in L337:
\/\/(-)3r3 1$ 73(-) |)ØØr???

Examples of additional notes:
1.O.M.F.G. ZØ/\/\b13$!!!
2.73(-) $733/\/\ RØxxØrz.
3.73(-) dØØd Pwn3d /\/\3(-) Ph4(3.
k was mistaken they missed l< lolz sry i had to fix it (l337)
by 64/\/\3\/\/1Z3r January 3, 2006
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1337 is a language used dy people who are wanabes most people who think there 1337 are in fact not
Eric is not 1337, he's far from it
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
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