There are two varieties of 73h l337. They are used based on the respect carried towards the person whom you are talking to.

l337 Light is used when you're talking to friends, acquaintances, and family because it is merely casual talk.

Hardcore l337 is when you are talking to a person of higher importance or someone you respect and/or admire greatly. Unlike l337 light, which is an alphanumeric language, hardcore l337 utilizes various other symbols.
l337 Light:

h3y d00d. h0wz j00r m4d g4m1ng 5k1llz?
hey dude. How are your great gaming skills?

Hardcore l337:

3><|_|53 |\/|3, 1'|\/| |_00|<1|\|g |=0|2 p|-||23c| 1|\| 7\/\/0-0-|=0|_||2.
Excuse me, I'm looking for Fred in 204.
by ViralStorm March 4, 2004
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Online Language. Because the standardised version has been lost or ignored or never invented, many dialects have appeared. While there is grammatical and spelling differences, it is almost identical to English to the point of being a mere substitution alphabet, and is rarely used in other languages.

-Note: The only "Common" themes are that 4=A, 6=G, 7=T, 5=S, 3=E and 0=O. The letter F does not exist in most L337. While l= "exists", you'll look like an idiot using it instead of pl-l (or any other letter for H).
l)0l\l'+ pl-lu(l< up 7l-l!5 l4l\l6l_l463. u53 !+ l235p0l\l54bl3.
by Trap Yoshi Access April 19, 2005
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L337, commonly thought of as simply a variation of the english language used in various 'old school' hacker rings, is also a following, similar to Buddhism, but only on the surface. To be L337 is to follow the principals of being a nerd, geek or other group of technologically enlightened. Certain circles will tell you that being L337 requires a person to be able to assemble a computer system while naked. Others believe L337 is something of a scene. A higher echelon of nerd hirearchy. Even further, l337 has also been documented as something of an unwritten religious movement and cult following incorporating computers and various types of media. The favored medium being online video games. Where as Kung-Fu is a martial art origionating from eastern religions, online games are the martial art extending from being L337 where followers can display their prowess. Playing video games online does not neccisarily make you L337.
1. I just got pwned by this guy online. Four versus one and this guy won 8 rounds before someone ever even got a hit on him. He was truely L337.

2. John is L337. He just modded out my case with cathodes and two new sticks of ram, making my rig faster AND sexier. He did it naked, too.
by E.Gregory September 14, 2005
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1. To be very good and cool at something
2. To be the master
3. A language using symbols and numbers
The master cheif is L337.
by CK Big May 14, 2005
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It's a language, mostly used online, that replaces most letters with numbers or symbols. Helpful when you don't want other people to know what you are thinking about.

The code revealed
L337 15 9r347 pl-l0r \/\/l-l3/\/ '/0u 4r3 l-l4\/1/\/9 7l-l0u9l-l75 4/\/d \/\/4/\/7 70

\/\/r173 7l-l3/\/\ d0\/\//\/ 8u7 7l-l3`/ 4r3 pr1\/473 8ui5/\/355.

Leet is great for when you are having thoughts and want to write them down but they are private business.
by Sinfonia69 October 18, 2014
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Its unhumanly possible to understand at your first try. i still chose Binary over L337 at any time


by defDjCj January 21, 2004
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A language corrupted by modern users who think alpha-numeric abbrieviations for everything is considered "cute" or "cool."

It is a beautiful language if used correctly and by the correct people. In the wrong hands it quickly becomes annoying and dirty.
! 8!54;22 +47 3l!43 5/>34X !5 />|_|2 /\/{}{)5 4{}L !5 />|_|2 C|_|/\/+ 5|_|C|<!/\/; /\/{}{)5


Pure Elite good. AOL'atized Elite bad.

"AIM" your rockets at the great instant-messaging satan.
by Kastraelie September 10, 2004
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