speaking nonsense, telling lies, not making any sense
"Whaddya mean, I don't look good in this jacket? You're talking like a sausage."
by benjamin sTone February 6, 2004
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Raising your voice in annoyance while over-enunciating words, in order to be understood by the voice recognition program. This occurs most often while talking to Siri on the iPhone, or while trying to get past the automated customer service prompts when you call Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, the gas company, and the like.
Someone should Songify themselves talking like a tool.
by Ae5Ea8 May 6, 2015
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Talking like a baby - using a soft voice to speak and saying a lot of words wrong
Person 1: heyooo
Person 2: hey, how are you?
Person 1: I good, how is u doin?
Person 2: I’m good, just why are you talking like that?
Person 1: like wot?
Person 2: like dis
Person 1: dats just how I talk
Person 2: ok?

This is how talking like a baby is
by HighOnMushrooms June 22, 2021
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He/she was repeating everything they heard very annoyingly for no reason, he was -TALKING LIKE A PARROT-
Can you stop talking like a parrotand keep it to yourself
by Your face 206 March 3, 2016
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International talk like a pirate day is celebrated on sept. 19 every year. its a day when EVERYONE, not just internet people, talk like pirates! its super fun, so try and make it as popular as you can and get you whole office/school doing it!
guy 1: ahoy me matey!it be international talk like a pirate day!
guy 2: oh, really? thats nice.
guy 1: no ye bloomin land lubber! ye be having to talk like a pirate t'day.
guy 2; no, n othats ok id kind of feel rather uncomfo...
by Kennedi Greene September 27, 2007
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To talk non stop about anything or nothing
Man I was in line the other day to buy a concert ticket behind this guy who was talking like a physic woodpecker.
by vicioushemi February 16, 2010
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