"She wants the se><0rz"

"He put the PWN0rz on her"
by K9Platnum68© July 8, 2003
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Emoticon of a person on their hands and knees, aka kowtowing, often used to express a feeling of awe or submission.
A: I did two chicks at the same time last night!
B: 0rz
by PincoLupius June 9, 2023
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1. The act of having sex, preferably with someone's mother. Similar to sex0r, but far more k00l.
d00d, i liek 2 haev teh s3><0rz!1!!11
by CBurns February 19, 2003
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bastardization of rocks, or 1337 speak version of rocks
OH man! I just got a ps2! this ro><0rz!
by Nate Dimit October 14, 2003
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