One who uses cheats or hacks in online multiplayer games such as Counter-Strike. The cheater often has an aimbot, can see players through walls, uses neon colored player models, and has decreased recoil to name a few advantages.
That l337 h4x0r just got three headshots in a row! He must be cheating!
by L337 H4x0r January 27, 2004
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l337/\/\0 is a mixture between leet/l337 and someone from the stereotype group "emo"
Dude #1: Wth! Steve just went and got me the latest photoshop free!
But hes all apathetic about it, and he changed my color scheme to black.
Dude #2: He's l337/\/\0
by Cillian S January 27, 2007
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when cumming in a girls butt, punch her in the kidney and when she turns around to ask what the fuck just tell her how cute her hair looks from your angle
*during buttsex*
*punches kidney*
girl:what the fuck
guy: your hair looks cute babe.. DOOHOHOOOCTER LEET(Doctor L337)
by Zasalamel January 23, 2007
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\/\/|-|/-\-|- '/<>|_| 5|>34|< 1|= '/<>|_||" <<><>|_. pronounced leet short for elite.
1 4/\/\5 -|-3|-| |_|83|" 133735-|-. translation: I am the coolest
by 8345|_3"//\/\4/\/ October 9, 2004
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the elite, the strong, the brave, the afro.......
i want to be and afro 1337
by Paul Geringer December 14, 2003
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counter-strike term that means: tyte, really skilled, great player, l33t.
Your l337 SAUCE chico.
by chico April 20, 2005
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it is defined as being a cross between a pro and an L337 player at CS
I just got pwn3d by that pro L337 player The_Saslmon_Mousse
by The_Salmon_Mousse February 16, 2005
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