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a guy who acts like a bitch but is also ghetto
"man this fool acts straight like a betto"
by Damien January 27, 2005
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NayKiDD is hot...
by Damien December 1, 2003
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Originally derived from the manner of movement of a squid...shooting off at speed, almost stopping to turn and then shooting off again, similar to a inexperienced motorcyclist.
"I was trying to pass the squid, but on corner exits he just stood it up and blasted away."
by Damien April 23, 2005
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The action taken where one person takes a crap upon waking, and places the feces on the upper lip of a sleeping person. Best performed while the poop is HOT. Similar to a Dirty Sanchez
I gave Joe a Hot Morning Moustache
by Damien July 18, 2003
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Todd are you comming out with us ?
nah man I have to like work on my stanza or something like that
by Damien March 31, 2004
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Also known as babyfoot or table soccer.
This game looks boring as hell from an external point of view, but when you get into it it's fucking addictive, just like Counter-Strike.
The players are most likely geeks who skip their maths class to play, talk shit to each other and yell like they won the FIFA World Cup when they score a goal.
This game requires a lot of skill to play and there are worldwide competitions with thousands of dollars to win, where only the cream of the geeks, the kings of the wrists can attend.
A-"This one entered your ass reallllly deep noob."
B-"Damn, that was painful. How did it pass ???"
A-"I don't know but I loved it, don't ya ?"
B-"Yeah I would say that."
by Damien October 4, 2004
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