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a young individual who goes through life constantly disappointing people with his/her infinite failures
That stupid kumquat just managed to fail at blowing his nose! How does that happen?!
by paybay July 06, 2012
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Something you call someone when they're being a lazy little bitch
"Cleidus come to the gym and stop being a kumquat, be a homie"
by Cleidus October 10, 2018
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A tasty little fruit that looks like a miniature orange. This yummy treat is the result of a horticultural experiment in which a dickweed was crossed with a pussywillow yielding the kumquat.
What is this a miniature orange? No it's a kumquat!
by Carrie Just Carrie (Alex idea) September 25, 2010
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Someone who takes christianity too seriously or someone who believes all sex is very very wrong.
Normal Girl: Oh my god! You see that HOTTIE!?
Kumquat: *crosses self* You slut! Jesus loves you! You will rot in hell!
by mibluvr13 May 16, 2005
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