Sa'id (also spelled Saeed, Saeid, Said, Sid, or Sayid, Arabic: سعيد , Sa'īd) is a male Arabic given name, which means "happy". For the female version, see Saida; for the Turkish variant, see Sait; for the Bosnian variant, see Sejad. Said or Sid is the spelling used in most latin languages.
ryad: hey said what does your name even mean?
said: its a Arabic name, meaning 'happy' or 'lucky'
ryad: well you don't seem very lucky to me
by urban_master123 April 17, 2017
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Used to refer back to something or someone mentioned earlier. Mainly used in law in place of words such as aforementioned, though picked up by college-aged people in an attempt to sound smart. It is often used incorrectly to reference that which someone else has mentioned in a conversation.
Likely popularized and picked by many up from the Pirates of the Caribbean film trilogy.
Jack Sparrow: The rum is gone. Damnit.

Unmemorable character: Said alcohol is gone.
by Sir Rosis August 16, 2008
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a hot, selfish prick. a rich, pampered individual with a grande penis and a marathon tongue. young enough to do it often, old enough to do it right. has no time for petty drama and emotional hysterics. GRANDE!
Sarah: "you really know Said?!?!"

Ashley: "yeah!!!!"

Sarah: "how?"

Ashley: "he was standing behind in the movie theater line, with Megan Fox. he breathed on the back of my neck and i immediately gizzed in my pants. i haven't showered since......"

Sarah: " lucky!"
by Sydney Shores July 14, 2009
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An awful person who will always make you feel awful and bully the shit out of you. He might be pretty handsome but don’t be fooled by his looks , he is really a sick human being
Girl in hallway 1 “ OMG!! I HAVE CLASS WITH SAID HES SO HOT”
Girl in hallway 2 “ Make sure to tell me all about it

after class :
Girl 1 “ He is such a prick I hope he chokes on his self esteem”

Girl 2 “ Who , SAID?

Girl 1 “Yes he’s such an asshole”
by 3v@ May 30, 2019
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A faggot also known as a michael who likes eating out senior citizens
by Said14547165 December 13, 2010
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