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someone who diddles, hooks up with fat chicks, gets the chick sitting in the corner in the bar, or uses his work as a dating service
hey what is he doing over there?
Dude kreeped her the other day.
kreep ganked her when she was a cashier.
by goombotz July 10, 2008
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if u like me why u actin all kreep towards me then?!

awww u actin kreep as fuq
by jai daddi June 23, 2005
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when one masterbates while stalking an individual or a group of individuals
"Pat was kreeping on those group of girls."
"Dude did you see all those girls scared? Pat
is such a kreep."
"Damn I've never seen a bitch run so fast except when Pat was kreeping."
by Dan A Brown December 03, 2009
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1.) Bitch ass who thinks he is a juggalo; but in all reality is just a punk ass bitch who jacks off in his homies room while they're sleeping

2.) Wanna be juggalo

3.) Punk who steals a name thats not even his
1.) Major Play is a Kreep

2.) Bonez is a Kreep

3.) Major Play is a Kreep that likes butt raping Bonez.
by PsychoX January 14, 2007
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