One Of The Most Legendary People In The World Who Are Skinny.
Woah! , Look At Bonez In The Mosh Pit
by anonymous04630-68307307858496 February 15, 2010
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A person having the characteristics of a silent will, a long trenchcoat, and a big gun...
Oh crap, here comes Bonez, hide!
by ITHop September 17, 2008
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A slang term for someone scummy and/or dirty. Can be used to describe also a person who is unhealthy in all aspects of their lifestyle.
Yo! Take a look at Bonez over there, I think he's smoking a cigarette butt he found on the ground!

All he does is eat cheeseburgers, smoke cigarettes, and drink Mt. Dew, he's straight Bonez!
by Dirt.lips April 16, 2009
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Mean or unfair treatment, specifically referring to the principles of karma , i.e, what goes around comes around.
Man, last night I had a one night stand with this girl who is fine as HELL. But I hope the universe isn't bonez and I dont get a phone call 9 months from now telling me I've gotta pay child support.
by Taffy Fiya February 10, 2009
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nickname for a young person in his beginning years of puberty. The name refers to "boner", which the subject is having most of the time, as he cannot get his mind away from the sexual acts he might once have. Often talks about fishy smells.

The subject is always a virgin.
"that kid is talking about sex 90% of the time, his peers call him bonez"
by Peris March 5, 2005
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Down to earth soldier, always on the front line, sexy, head strong, also sweet but will break you off. Caring, big hearted and loyal.
Im glad i have my BoneZ
by BoneZ December 19, 2016
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Neil Zelikowitz, current drummer of Wuts
You Holla at ya bonez (Neil Zelikowitz)
by Chris March 19, 2005
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