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"fuck" in a polite disguise.
preferrably pronounced with a tagalog or arabic Q.
-Books fuq my head!

-You dumbfuq!
by UzF April 21, 2005
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Hmmm, I know a Graffiti Krew named FuQ...that must be it, the greatest graffiti crew on THPS.
You need an example? .....go get Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, 4, or THUG.
by Spider July 07, 2004
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Acronym for frequently unasked questions.

Snarky alternative to faq (frequently asked questions).

Often seen on web sites posted by adolescent, weltschmertz-filled, Kant-reading, amateur philosopher wannabes who think they are being clever. Or their parents who now run advertising agencies or design web sites professionally.

Alternates: frequently unanswerable questions; frequently unaskable questions; or frequently unanswered questions.
Does have a fuq section?

Don't you mean 'faq'?

Uh, sure, that's what I said.
by rickster_dc July 07, 2005
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1.Noun 2.Verb 3.Interjection. 4.Adjective

1. a name for someone who is a douche bag. can be used with the word "mother" and ending "er" to creat "mother fuqer"
2. to bone, have sex with, hump, or defeat in a game.
3. Sort of similar to "oh shit!"
4. something that is not cool. or just a random description.
1. "That Jeremy is a real Fuq".
2. "Our football team got fuqed last night" or "we should so fuq!"
3. "what the fuq!" or "Fuq! I completely just dropped my book!"
4. "What a fuqing brutal day..."
by p_0_0_p September 10, 2008
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What 14 year olds say about having sex but think they're cool so they put a q instead; used by guys who think their ghetto
I cant wait to fuq you tonight
by Kaylasexyms May 26, 2015
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