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A homosexual juggler.

Usually found in a gas station men's room trying to get other guys to blast them in the face with their white "clown makeup."
Guy in bathroom: Wow, you're fucking weird looking. How much??

Juggalo: $5

Slurp Slurp
by EvoLvr2006 April 7, 2008
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An often marginalized youth identifying with the music, values, and propaganda of a musical group called the Insane Clown Posse.
Man 1: My son is going through a phase.

Man 2: Oh?

Man 1: Yeah, he likes this rap group called The Insane Clown Posse. He listens to their music at high volumes, wears their t-shirts which have logos of human silhouettes running with hachets or sinister clown faces, refers to himself as a 'juggalo', speaks of strange dogmas, and insists on buying a sort of pop called 'faygo'.

Man 2: Hmm, that's weird.
by giggles78 March 21, 2010
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juggalo- a socially inadequate and\or confused person who is not equipped to formulate and apply their own set of ideals. said person is so obsessed with the inabilty to function in a social or professional setting that they will outwardly state and most likely beleive that fitting into a range of normalcy in society doesnt matter to them. said ... Read Moreperson will perform outrageous actions for attention and try to explain them through socio-economic inequalities and the general disdain for majority of society. the social dysfunction is usually accompanied with sexual confusion and pervertedness. said person is uneducated by the failure of the school system and let down by their parents for not teaching them the importance of original thought, values, and hard work. with lack of appropriate teaching, said person latches on to a set of "juggalo" ideals which leaves that person doomed to be counterproductive and a scourge on society.
guy: I'm a juggalo.

girl: You're an idiot and completely pathetic.

guy: Your a dumb fuckin bitch who smells like dogshit and you couldn't pay me to ever talk to u again. I dont care what you think about me because i am part of a family.

girl: Great, see ya later.
by mt23 January 22, 2009
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An individual who is a complete and total failure at life and worships ICP while attempting to be as unique as the other thousands of juggalos in today's world. Most cases of juggalos are a hybrid-cross between cult members and juvenile delinquents who have been devoid of proper attention for their entire childhoods. There may be an occasional rare exception, but don't be fooled. Any normal and semi-civilized juggalo you may find is a poser.
Bob: Wow, the juggalos started talking shit to me because I don't like ICP.

Ted: What did you do?

Bob: I called them a bunch of pussies, so they went home and cried.
by OffTheWall February 26, 2009
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A counterproductive person that attempts to be an individual but since everybody else pretends in similar ways, they be came a contradictory group. Mainly Insane Clown Posse fans, they believe in something called "Prophecy of the Dark Carnival" which is equivalent to a Circus version of Scientology. According to them, your fate is determined by, get this, a jack-in-the-box. The prophecy sounds like a random spiel of crap thought up by a gothic kid on an acid trip at the circus. Anyways, Juggalos, despite their codes and laws and such, are far from original/unique do to the fact that they basically act like ICP.
Juggalo: I'm so unique.
Juggalo2: So am I!
Juggalo: No, you're just a poser of ICP, fag!
Juggalo2: Dude, you're wearing an ICP shirt and drinking Faygo!
Juggalo: But you're a poser, I'm unique!
Juggalo3: I'm the most unique.
Juggalo2: Hey, we're supposed to love... Wanna go drink faygo and talk about the Dark Carnival?
Juggalo3: I wanna ride the Dark Rollercoaster!
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