A hand in texas hold'em poker that consists of king 9 suited.

The hand always looks good but it never wins!
Ricky: Yo C-dub how was poker night yesterday!

C-dub:It was terrible, I pushed all in with a Kournikova and got beat by pocket tens.
by barracooters June 19, 2009
In Texas Holdem, Ace-King (AK) in the pocket is referred to as the Ana Kournikova because it looks good but never wins anything.
I was dealt an Ana Kournikova and went all in but lost to Rick's pair of deuces.
by Felix Appleby September 7, 2006
NOUN (A-nah Corn-A-Ko-Va) Hot Russian tennis player who can't play tennis but is so freakin hot that nobody seems to notice.
Anna Kournikova can't play tennis for shit but I would love to bend her over the net and give her 'Forty-Love!
by DickTurd July 22, 2002
Possibly the worlds most attractive female

Famous for playing tennis (or atleast attempting to), more famous for turning men like myself into drooling idiots
I'd give her a Grand Slam!

I'd love to smash my balls into her net!
by Tasteless male March 9, 2004
For several years, the most famous Russian sportsperson for her exploits (or lack thereof) on the tennis courts. In fact, she earned far more money through advertising deals due to being extraordinarily sexy indeed and looking good advertising sports bras and having FHM shoots than anything she did on court. Mainly as she, famously, never won a single tournament but regularly packed the courts at Wimbledon when playing, before retiring at the age of 23.

The success of Maria Sharapova, fit and a good player with a Wimbledon victory aged 19 in 2004 ended comparisons very quickly indeed.
"Come on Anna!" - The average Wimbledon spectator, either showing his support of projecting his sexual fantasy. Probably both.
by OD Smith June 23, 2005
In Texas Hold 'em, an Ace and a King in the pocket (AK). Has an uncanny tendency to lose, whether to a lower pair, three of a kind, or a straight.
Anna Kournikova...looks good but it never wins.
by Arock November 27, 2005
Hot tennis player that every guy in his right mind would want to fuck
I was watching that tennis player Anna, and i swear i could hear her making noises as if she was having an orgasm
by for you to decide June 28, 2003