when a person acts like they know what they're doing but in fact don't. they use words like gnarly and bro. a person who is scared out in he lineup and doesn't paddle for any waves. a person who wears a saggy wet suit and cant make it past the white wash.
Jose: "yo wheres chris?"
kyle: "probably stuck in the white wash or back at shore"
Jose "what a fucking kook!"
by jose123456 February 23, 2012
Anyone with an I.Q. above 100 who refuses to mentally lobotomize themself and accept the status quo and the rules set down by an imaginary authority.
"Oh, there goes Dan, saying we shouldn't cut out our citizens' livers and throw them in the fire. He's a kook." -What ancient Mayans may have considered to be a kook.
by Ralph February 14, 2005
Impolite Hawaiian word meaning unskilled beginner (including, but not limited to surfing).
Did you see that guy face-plant into that wave?

Ya, what a kook.

I've tried surfing for 6 months now but all I can do is ride the white wash.

You're a kook.

I can't paddle my board out of the way of other surfers.

You're a kook.

I go surfing at places that are beyond my ability and get in the way of other more experienced surfers.

You're a kook.
by dubadeba September 20, 2012
You see that kook rollin around on his "blades."
by fuckrollerbladers September 07, 2004
somebody who cant surf or do an activity or sport worth a darn. somebodywho doent know what they are doing or thinks they are good at something, but in reality they suck at it!
by kbolgeez February 02, 2010
Nate, strange, wierdo,poser
Chuck is a kook
Nate's a kook
Nate/Chuck is the defenition of kook
by Chucks Pimp December 05, 2006
crazy person, unstable or insane.
Proponents of the idea that radiation is actually good for you are generally considered kooks.
by kerensa December 02, 2008