When you want to drop on your bed; inspired by Nate Robinson getting dropped on the ring by Jake Paul.
Yooo I'm kinda tired, imma go Nate Nate.
by boi69sn November 30, 2020
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When one shot (Of raspberry smirnoff vodka) and half a beer gets you shitfaced making you throw up everywhere, naked. You also tend to run around a ping pong table endlessly while hitting on T8.
Are you the T8 with tits or without tits.
by MIKE LITORIS December 29, 2015
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A person who goes to urban-dictionary with his friends only to find out all of the definitions are very bad and looses all sense of worth in ones name.
by antinorminate December 4, 2018
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A Nate is a person is smart but acts dumb and always tried to make people laugh. In the end people think he is an all around great friend.
Girl: He such a Nate.
Other girl: yeah he's pretty cool
by Kingdohearts August 23, 2018
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A very nice guy who’s always trying to help people. He keeps almost all of his secrets and he’s really nice. He sometimes embarrasses you, but he knows how to clear it up.
SOPHIE: I wish I was with Nate,
MATT: Well he’s my best friend so back off,
ZOEY: I would do anything to date him again...
by pseudonyms don’t confine me October 14, 2018
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1)An amazing guy who deserves only the best in life.
2) Someone you wish your best friend was, for being so awesomely awesome.
Hey, Nateness! I can't live without you!!
by Caseyyy aka epic December 8, 2008
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