(verb., pronunciation köök it) : To make a fool of one's self, particularly infront of others. See also: kooked it (past-tense), kook (noun)
I tried to break into the safe with the excavator, but I kooked it!
by TwoChickenNuggets October 15, 2009
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1. A person who calls a beginner surfer a kook.
2. A person surfing just to look cool.
3. A person with a custom board, nice wetsuit in 70 degree water, that rides white water.
Kook says: Jesus Christ! these little kids are so annoying, those fucking kooks.
by sidge1 July 21, 2007
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a band from the UK, they are absolutely amazing, pop done right!
have you heard the kooks? go listen to them NOW!!!
by idofexorz October 13, 2007
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A person who is socially challenged in the most common social gatherings. They often feel the need to put themselves out in the open and bring attention to themselves by: speaking about topics they know little or none about, trying their very hardest to fit in when they don't, using words such as "dude, totally, gnarly, and far out" all in one sentence, ride long-board skateboards and push with their FRONT foot (Whomper Style), or someone who looks up the definition of kook... probably because you were called one.
Kook - "Dude, did you see me catch that totally far out gnarly wave?"
Person - "Dude, you're such a fucking kook."
by suckafromanothamotha October 08, 2010
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"A wannabe surfer" A very annoying person that tends to get picked on behind his/her back by the real surfers.Contrary to popular belief,being a kook is not easy by those people who need to find a hobby/sport so they can be cool because of the fact that,unlike skateboarding, does not need to be proven.Bad news,brah,once summer comes and your geeky friends/REAL surfers want to see your 'moves' you're officially screwed =)LETS SEE YAH RIDE THAT 'GNARLY' WAVE NOW,BEE-ATCH! xD
Wow,look at that kook go! you know thats sunless tanner he used
by pyro_siris January 12, 2005
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