1.A wierdo or correctly spelled weirdo is a person who is strange or has strange behavior.
2.A person who acts or is abnormal to what is considered "normal" Synonyms would be strange, freak
"johnny is such a wierdo because he collects barbies!"(johnny is a wierdo because most people consider it strange that a guy would play or collect things ment for girls.
{CC: being considered a wierdo is not nor ever is bad.}
by MK March 21, 2005
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people who write perverted things on urban dicitonary because it's the only excitement they get.
Susan: My life is boring.
Fred: Be like me and write vulgar sentences on urbandic for people to see!!
Susan: You're such a wierdo.
by You'restupid2012 December 7, 2009
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a wierdo is someone that is just wierd... wierd at everything u see him/her do, most people would think im a wierdo :S, but they dont know me :\ a wierdo does wierd/strange things and doesnt act right to everyone else, but some people look like wierdo's and arnt one on the inside... they just dont know how to act normal :S
someone that wears really old and untrendy clothes<<people think thats a wierd person just because the person doesnt know fashion lol
by AaRoN November 16, 2004
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A boner wierdo is defined as a true wierdo sporting a boner or have the capability of producing an erection unexpectedly.
Brian the deaf guy that looks like Panama Jack and parades around town with a notped and gyrates when giving a girl a hug. That's a boner wierdo.
by MarkOPoko December 1, 2009
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1. A transvestite who is a Fucking wierdo
2. Stange man who lived in a cave, The police found loads of women's shoes in the cave and the police officer said: "must be a transvestite!"
Well, he's a fucking wierdo transvestite. Now THAT is an exeutive transvestite!
by Joe December 8, 2004
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