18 definitions by Randall

When some dude is about to fucking rail you in the ass, but you slide your hand in at the last second to block the cock!
He ripped off my pants and bent me over, but I pulled a cock block.
by Randall March 5, 2005
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Extremely GAY male who openly displays his gayness with freakishly GAY attire.
Look at that Funky Butt Pirate wearing that Gay green and white feather boa and a hot pink shirt with nut cutting khaki shorts. I'm sure he's a plume butt.
by Randall March 14, 2005
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A person who suffers from plume butt often. This is usually the result of repeated anal sex.
That fag Joey is a plume butt.
by Randall March 14, 2005
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womans pussy lips so big they eat the seam of her pants.when the pants is pulled down to the knees and the pussy is still in them.
that girl's camel toe was so big it looked like two sides of beef hanging down
by Randall March 22, 2003
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To take a huge dump that while resting on the bottom of the toilet is large enough to form an island
That was a great dump; I just broke sea level!
by Randall December 10, 2003
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when a woman has a lot of pubic hair and is wearing tight pants giving the illusion of a penis bulge
I thought that chick was a tranvestite but she just had a man pile.
by Randall January 25, 2005
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when the dick is at its fullest erection,when the vein in the penis is sticking out due to extreme horneyness.
come here baby, and relieve this big "blue vein throbber".
by Randall March 22, 2003
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