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the opposite of a wingman a person who goes to a bar with his friend and does not go for the ugly girl yet proceeds to sink the battleship with his kamikaze style
by harry January 2, 2004
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the best damn town in the world..located in new york state just an hour away from NYC..
dude i wanna hook up so im gonna take the car up to katonah this weekend, it will be awesome.
by harry October 11, 2003
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the best goddamn place in the world..where ass is incredibly easy to get and ppl are AWESOME all of the freaking time.
dude I wanna be happy so im gonna take a little trip down to NYC..
by harry October 11, 2003
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No Girls Allowed typically a phrase spoken when out with the guys when you are tired of the drama and games girls play
he loves to scream NGA when he is out having a good time with the guys but he always caves and goes back to her
by harry July 6, 2004
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A person or animal that dates to get the pussy and eject semens into it.

A vagina lover.
That man is a lavagini.

I have read many stories of lavigini men having trouble to fall in love.
by harry October 12, 2004
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A species of dinosaur that prefers to take it in the ass.
Look at he gaping hole on the megasoreass.
by harry January 21, 2003
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A brilliant city with a wide variety of activities, has everything london does just not as STUPIDLY expensive and has a smaller population. THE CAPITAL OF THE NORTH (england)
Leeds is Brilliant!!!!!! F*** u Bitches who say it's shit
by harry January 13, 2005
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