noun; a crazy person

adjective; totally cool or radical
Dude, that shot was totally kook!
by stellar1133 February 23, 2011
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Surfer with little skill.
Can be applied to anyone crap at something.
That guy surfs like a kook.
by Kwotch October 18, 2007
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to be like Dean. That is to be an extreme poser and generally suck
That Dean is such a kook, i cant beleive he let Jack ride him down the quarter-pipe
by Lawson May 3, 2004
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a poser who wears all the latest clothes for skating or surfing. and they could be assholes sometimes. they r really gay and they dont know shit about skating or surfing.but they can be really hot sometimes.
Kelly: ohhhh whos that guy??? does he skate???

Matt: thats just a kook and he cant skate for shit.
by Ryan Woods January 20, 2008
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Whoa dude, that kook just took your radical-mungo wave!!
by Sterling April 29, 2003
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a person who thinks they can surf/ bodyboard, but in actual fact, cannot and are really really shit at it.
that small child on the beach over there is the biggest kook.
by timanopoly March 16, 2008
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Somebody that is always wearing ridiculously silly pants
Gosh, Amanda Dee is the biggest kook ever, word dat gangsta!
by Danethegreat December 7, 2007
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