A person that knows every damn thing.
Laura is a knower of all things.
by hot wheel January 13, 2017
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A person who uses another person's gameplay stream in order to gain an advantage against them. Frequently used as an excuse from a streamer for their own death.

i.e. screen-peeker, stream-sniper
Streamer: (*Dies*)
Streamer: BRO, I think we got a knower
by 123456asdgr November 29, 2021
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Being extremely good at anything, the highest compliment that can be recieved amongst mortal and immortal beings.
God: Wow this guy is a nice and knower, he saved the earth two times.
by The Straight April 18, 2017
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Old Montana folk saying. A person of great stature with humble upbringing, limited education but a personal history of epic proportions.
Some people say Hunter S Thompson was definitely a knower of things.
by Denier February 18, 2017
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A knower of clowns, one who associates themselves with the likes of clowns
Doug is a clown knower, always hanging around those clowns.
by Trashboat.Methane May 18, 2021
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A lady or gentleman who lacks knowledge on a variety of subjects.
After an angry debate, Csiga told Kevin that he was a nothing-knower...
by Nothing-Knower October 23, 2011
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An Urban Dictionary editor who simply selects 'Don't Know' for every decision he/she is given in order to increase the amount of decisions made and thus become one of the 'top' editors.
I thought that my definition of a Don't Knower was pretty self-explanatory to be honest.
by Cowboy Mike September 24, 2006
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