capri like pants ( meaning pants that end above ankle) worn by boys. sometimes have drawstrings attached to bottom. very un-common in this time period
Gage often wears knickers to school and the other kids make fun of him.
by swgnswp45 October 12, 2007
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Where a person (usually male) has a pair of dirty knickers (panties), tied around his face. More often than not with his nose rubbed into the shit smear. Unpractical with most thongs and g-strings.
My wife caught me trying on her bra in the bathroom, so she said if i liked her underwear so much, i'd have to spend the night knickered in her dirty panties.
by #@ March 18, 2007
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1. baggy trousers
2. a woman's underwear (British)
3. a way of saying "nigger" in front of teachers/authority without getting in trouble
1. How do my new brown knickers look?
2. That hoe I fucked the other day left me her knickers. (*British accent)
3. "I love taking my pants off for niggers" "Excuse me?" "I said 'I love replacing my pants with knickers'" "Okay, good..."
by BigPeewee June 16, 2018
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An alternative spelling for the word "nigger." Can be used to bypass censorship efforts on liberal media sites, such as Newsday. Also, a great way to voice one's opinion without technically using the "N" word.
1) Two knickers held up a gas station in Roosevelt.
2) This knicker has been in and out of jail a number of times.
by Good Grief - Lynbrook, NY March 14, 2009
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Ghetto niggers!

Hot dog sausages!
I'm polite. I'll never say the word "Nigger" in public.
I'll just call them knicker knackers.
by Fukaface! August 17, 2018
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noun - huge sweater puppies that have fallen to knee level
Hey man, that chick should be wearing a bra. Her bazooms are hangin' so low they've become knicker puppies.
by TsuDho November 23, 2009
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