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To tell on somebody.
Hey Hoolio!!! You knarked on me, so now I'm gonna knark on you about the weed stashed between your mattresses!!! Revenge is sweet isn't it, Hoolio?
by Telephony December 08, 2013
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The swedish word for drugs
Knarkar is the word for taking drugs
Person1:Lets take some knark and fly high up in the sky?
Person2:Ok sounds cool
Person1: *knarkar*
by Damorte May 13, 2004
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In Halie Rae Curtis' words; "A snitch. A big mouth. Or maybe. A gnark. However you'd like to put it." Because she doesn't know how to use spell check.
Thats why we arent even doing anything you f&^#ing knark. Get your facts straight.
by Rehcra February 16, 2014
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