The act of combining two substances, namely ; toasted cigarette tobacco and seived or grated cannabis resin. To be smoked through a bong.
Whats the crack, any mix?!

Giz a Bong on yer mix!!!!
by xXRozeeXx May 30, 2008
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to be in a bad situation.
shit i got myself in a mix with the police!
by BLood GAng L.B July 7, 2010
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When you combine Marijuana or the straight with Tobacco or baccy and then smoke it
Pack us a mix lad
oh fuck havent got much left betta mix it
by JackalJay98 October 11, 2018
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1.of or pertaining to the degredation of one's street cred severely shut some one down
"Dude! His car has three spinners! Yours only has two! Mix!!!"

"Dang, he stepped on yo ice-creams...MIX!!!!"
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a mix is tobacco and buds chopped up together then smokes with a bong.
yeah cunt come over forra phat mix
by counterFall November 2, 2018
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Throw a variety of punches, to beat up somebody
Terrence: "They're talking trash, I'm about to mix on them."
by David Moree November 19, 2012
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Another word for A squad, group of friends/people, groupie
Kristen tryna hop into our mix

Who invited her to the mix?

That bitch from John's mix tryna fight
by $NEEZE November 12, 2018
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