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One of the best Minecraft parodies of all time.
Man i just listened to Revenge by Captain Sparkles for 10 hours straight. Best 10 hours ever.
by Recyclable Man June 24, 2019
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The sweetest joy next to gettin' Pussy.
I aint a killa but dont push me, Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to gettin' Pussy.
by Bongs&Bluntz November 24, 2010
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revenge is shitting on the lawn of the guy who let his dog take a dump in your yard.
I got revenge on my cheating ex by having sex with her hotter and barely legal sister.
by Mac___Crazy August 11, 2010
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1. Punishment: The punishment of somebody in retaliation for harm done.

2. Retaliation act: Something done to get even with somebody else who has caused harm.

3. Desire for retaliation: The desire or urge to get even with somebody.

She poisoned him as revenge because he betrayed her.
by Jafje April 03, 2007
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Here follows the definition of the words revenge and avenge + the difference between revenge and avenge.

Both words are about repaying a wrong. The differences between them have to do with grammar and shades of meaning, though there is considerable overlap in meaning, dictated by usage over time. Grammatically speaking, avenge is a verb only; revenge is a verb and more usually a noun. Avenge traditionally relates not only to repaying a wrong but to getting justice on somebody else's behalf as a remedy for that wrong. Revenge traditionally relates to getting even with an adversary by inflicting punishment or harm.

Though both avengeand revenge can be used as transitive verbs with reflexive pronouns, revenge is commoner in this use: The dictatorship avenged itself on the partisans' radio station by burning it to the ground; As a victim of a hate crime, she finally avenged herself on the perpetrators.
1. They vowed to avenge their sister's murder (or their murdered sister).
2. In an act of revenge for the bombing of our ship, our navy shelled the terrorists' training camps; Bands of irregular soldiers set out to revenge their leader's assassination.
by Jafje April 03, 2007
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To inflict punishment in return for injury or insult.

Basically, it is to "get back" at someone for something they did to you

Revenge is a lot like Gazpacho - it is a dish best served cold!!!
If some one slaps you around the head and you, in return, break their legs, then that is known as revenge
by Hay Dude June 06, 2005
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When you trick a seemingly innocent girl into letting you have anal sex with her, and you return from the bathroom to find that she's gone and has taken a huge shit in the middle of your bed.

Sometimes, if she was super pissed about it, she takes the dump in your drawer and you don't find it for a few days.
Biff: "Hey Floyd - that stupid slut you hooked me up with last night. Yeah, uh, I don't know how to tell you this, but she crapped in my bed."

Floyd: "Uh...what do you mean?"

Biff: "Are you retarded? I fucked Leona in the ass, and then when I went to wash my cock off she took a massive crap in my bed. Those sheets will never be the same. Corn and peas. NA-A-STY!

Floyd: "Corn AND peas? That is fucking rotten. I mean, if it was only corn I could see-"

Biff: "Shut up you asshole. Listen, you're not going to tell ANYONE about this. I'll beat your ass if you do. But seriously, that bitch got pretty hard revenge on me. My mama gave me those sheets and she always asks about them. How can I tell her that some skank took a huge, squirrelly dump in them because I analed her?"

Floyd: "Just tell her that a homeless guy broke into your-"

Biff: "Dude, you suck."
by Pollup November 24, 2007
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