Just another synonym for God.
Also means almighty, and is often used in sentences where people describe how someone is supreme to the others.

Also used as a counter-word against Per-Stian, which is the most gay word/name in the universe.
You're not Henrik!

Person 1: Per-Stian!! Person 2: Haha, HENRIK!
Person 1 dies.
by Gud May 21, 2008
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A super sexy and handsome boy, who fucks every chick.
OMG is that Henrik with a huge cock??
by hugecock1234 February 18, 2016
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King Henrik Lunqvist, the best damn goalie the world has seen.
by Lena Jade Black November 11, 2007
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Henrik is a word that describes the hottest guy in the world. He has a huge penis, wonderful brown eyes and hair. All the girls love him and want him in their pants.
I want to bang Henrik so hard.
Henrik is so hot, I am in love with him.
by Per- stian October 10, 2018
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the hottest cutest boy you have ever met. he is so perfect and i love him so much.
he’s kind and super sweet he’s the most amazing person in the whole world. he makes me the luckiest girl alive.
he has brown hair and brown adorable eyes, a really really cute smile and he’s so tall tallll and handsome he also smells amazing:))
he makes me so happy.
Ari: i can’t believe henrik is my bf
person: gosh you are so lucky

Ari: i know. idk what i did to deserve him:)
by I LOVE HIM SM July 16, 2022
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Henrik is a sexy beast who has blond hair and blue eyes always talks to random people and gets 2-3 bitches per year
Henrik is a hot babe
by Boobychill March 8, 2022
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A really handsome boy who is very smart.
Henrik is very smart
by Eye yam stew pit January 2, 2022
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