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1) the act of putting ones orifice (specifically the mouth) up against the crack of the person you love. This is usually referred to german bondage porn.
2) An alternate explanation is usually a sarcastic put down to anyone hoping for something.
1) Q:will you kiss my ass?
A: WHY SURE HERR OBEINHOUSER i shall kiss the shit off your crack.

2) What the fuck were you hoping for? KISS MY ASS.
by gregarious January 02, 2006

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Who says two bros can't get together and watch a little Grey's Anatomy without the preconception of sex? Netflix and Chill without the chill is the simple yet classic act of two people getting together to watch Netflix and relax.

NETFLIX AND CHILL WITHOUT THE CHILL // "Without the chill. But still cool"
Bro 1: "Hey man! want to come over for a little Netflix and Chill without the chill?"
Bro 2: "aww no dude I'll pass on this one. I think your great and all that jazz but I'm a straight man."
Bro 1: "Oh no dude this is a chill free Netflix experience. Without the chill. But still cool"
Bro 2: "Oh well in that case, lets get cracking! I heard the new season of The Bachelor is up there!"
by Gregarious June 30, 2016

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ghetto version of a blowjob
yo son she gave me such a good headfix that i busted a nut inside her mouth
by gregarious January 03, 2006

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