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Political and Religious movement at SDA. Anti Republicans and democrats because they are both missing the point of life. Pro humanitarian and maintaining animal and plant life, but not vegetarian, was meant to eat meat.

All men in this believe must follow man law, or you are a girl.
Girls don't have to follow man law but they may if they choose.

Happiness and living in the moment are necessary as well as a high self of steam and contentness with yourself.

Generally members of this believe believe that the government suck.

you must also love waffles!!!!!
Kevinism is :The offspring of James Bond, Mr. Davidson, and a female hippie (we need a girl in there somewhere).

by Kevin Brice May 11, 2008
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Kevinism is a lifestyle designed by Kevin in the late 20th century. Thousands have caught on to this brilliantly amazing way of living and are now stabbing people by the 10's.
I will drown you in a hot pot of coffe while stabbing you in the foot and eating pizza.
by Kevin duh you retard December 07, 2004
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The non Catholic way of religion that has 5 less commandments (as 10 is too many to remember), the 5 commandments remaining have been modified to fit in today's society, No more Sunday early AM Masses come Saturday night and drink my wine (Bacardi, Coke w/ Lime) and eat my Christ chips, no alter servers below the age of 21, the spokespersons of the sermon can and are required to be involved (with no celibacy) so there are no involvement with any and all followers and like the Catholics all is forgiven as well.
Had Tiger Woods and his ex wife joined the Kevin-ism culture prior to getting married there would have been no issues as his adulterous ways would not have happened. We tried to convert him prior to a divorce as all things can be saved and forgiven
by Father of Kevin-ism August 31, 2010
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An exaggeratedly dramatic response to a question or statement that was non-provocative.
Zac: "I'm tired."
Kevin: "Well we should just fucking kill ourselves so we don't have to work today!"
by Zaccrick86 March 23, 2017
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