bloated overhanging stomach
you have a fat ketch
by Anonymous April 23, 2003
How catch is pronounced. catch is pronounce like ''ketch''.
I am going to ketch the ball.
by David June 10, 2004
a term used to insult a friend when they are behaving in a disgusting manner, possibly ladish or yobbish. However it's used in a humorous way and only applied to friends.
1. Oi stop ketching about.
2. why you acting like such a ketche?
3. you dirty little ketche!!
by Relatively clever July 6, 2010
Slang for money; Can be described as short for ketchup
Yo Tyrone you got the ketch?
by BusStop112 November 24, 2017
1. A man who assumes they are the shit, especially with the ladies, even though they are the opposite and probably get rejected a lot.

2. A woman who comes across as a slut, such as their dress sense and flirting, because they think it is attractive.
That bitch out there on the street corner is a ketch.
by ShrektheThird December 8, 2019
Personifcation of the word "Daddy". Ketch is an alpha male with an alpha shlong. Ketch oozes sex appeal. He is also freak athlete. He handles lots of problems, example, fighting off all the women that throw themselves at him. Ketch is just a bro.
Marit: " dang i was really bored today, so i called ketch, and now im still bored"
by ketchthekid August 4, 2021