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yo i got in that dana keish last night, it was fly. Then i got mad goose egg.
by Friggin hoopty December 4, 2006
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when you cash out or when ur hella bumb or lazy looking
Lmao I Keished last night after the party.
by hello I like food April 17, 2016
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Keishe=wank, to have a keishe is to have a wank, Keisher is wanker.
by Bowles1234 July 16, 2011
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to use an incredibly flascid, damp, goose egg and beat the outside of a girls coochie hole, also known as her keish.
Sheryl started getting loud with me, So i had to beat keish immediately.
by Friggin hoopty December 4, 2006
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A slang phrase with multiple definitions of the same general meaning.
1. to get wasted
2. to give up
3. to be in a constant sullen mood
4. to be too lazy to do anything
5. a word used to express surprise (usually a negative one)
This phrase is usually used in the past tense (i.e., keished out).
1 - "After drinking all that booze, man, I just keished out."
2 - "Everyone keished out on that question in the Biology exam."
3 - Guy A:"Why do you look so keished out this week?"
Guy B:"Man, my dog died on monday,"
4 - "After staying up late last night, I'm keishing out the whole of today."
5 - Wife:"Our car has been stolen!"
Husband:"Keish out!!!"
by Frog Fire October 28, 2006
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"Mr. Syvertsen I'm Keishedddddddd"
"Bro I was keished after that blunt"
by bigniggie9669 December 4, 2018
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Keisha O. is the most AMAZING girl you'll ever meet. She will change your life for the better. i love my keisha more than all the stars in the universe! She is EXTREMELY sexy and of course gorgeous!!!! she is an idiot but the good kind of idiot! :P if you have a keisha in your life dont ever let her go cuz you'll never find anyone like her again! dj keish is intelligient, optimistic, HILARIOUS, sweet, kind, caring,a nd generous. and dj keish has a huge BUTT!!!! lol. i love you keisha! you are an amazing person and i have no idea what id do with you! mwuahhh!!!!
wow, that owuamanam must be a keisha cuz she is banginnn!
you must have fine written all ova you!
thatz cuz you a dj keish
by tyoung2012 September 7, 2010
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