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Being caught by the enemy without a weapon to defend yourself
Hey how did Johnny? die I heard he was caught lacking
by Squaaaaad May 15, 2014
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caught looking at a girls cleave or other body parts
duuudeee you just got caught lacking on Syd's boobs
by herrmieseh May 03, 2018
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When a lover pulls down your pants, and as a man, your equipment is insufficient. When it's too small, you're "caught lacking" OR

When a woman, takes of her push up bra, after thinking she is stacked, she is "caught lacking" .
But you don't understand Rhonda, after talking such a big game, he pulled down his pants and was caught lacking! He ain't no Ron Jeremy !

But Ronny, when I was at the club, her tits looked so big. I didn't know about wonder bra and the extra padding they put in nowadays. When I got back her "tits" were smaller than my man boobs! Type A- at the most!
by Urbdicdanswer May 04, 2018
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