(adj.) A “Kardashian” is a unit of measurement representing 72 days of marriage, as ratified by the Anonymous Measurement Council.

Also refers to a female who is vapid, shallow, and burdened with a large posterior.
I've been married for 10 Kardashians... I feel so old!
by Artemis Crouch November 03, 2011
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A dickhead who acts like he/she has everything in the world and is way richer than society when he/she has not even reached the age of 18
Me: Ugh. Kim can be such a kardashian somtimes

You: I know right
by leonides11 August 07, 2014
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A measurement of time for relationships; 72 days is equal to 1 Kardashian.
Daughter: We're getting married!!!

Mom: What? Married!? You two have barely been together for a year! That's crazy!!!

Daughter: Oh, whatever Mom, that's like 5 Kardashians!!!
by VoiceOfGosh November 03, 2011
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