German philosopher born in the 1720s. Kant creatively synthesized the theories of the empiricists and the rationalists, and thus concluded that our perceptions of time and space are based on synthetic a priori knowledge.

Kant deduced the categorical imperative-- the non-consequentialist moral theory that states we should only act in ways that can be universalized-- from his theory that humans are the only agents of pure reason.
by Matt May 22, 2004
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A german philosopher from the 1700s, Immanuel Kant pontificated at length about what people should do. Manny derived the law of universalizability, which states if something can be applied universally, it must be good. Manny also claimed that we can never know the true motivations of our actions, which only muddles ethical theory and provides an excuse for unethical conduct.
In Kantian ethics, lying to save someone's life is morally wrong, as lying cannot be universalized.
by Ted January 27, 2005
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Email equivelent of calling someone a cunt. Used when mail server filters are set to remove obscene language emails.
I cant believe you told everyone I am a fik nobba, you facking kant
by Jonez Cold April 16, 2003
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A dumbass named victor zuber who kant spell word kant.
by Anonymous August 19, 2003
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a person not of equal wretchedness as a cunt but in a jovial or jakalesque manner. thus fulfilling all attributes of the jakal be it in terms of blapse or other ego gratifying activities or general ladishness.
a free holiday in sydney?!- you kant!
by IHC July 8, 2003
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you sick quiaant!
ypu fucking quiannt! beware
by kg (still kg) March 31, 2005
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To work extremely hard; achieving exceptional results whilst remaining humble, and down to earth.

Origin: Midfielder Ngolo Kante who plays football professionally.
E.g "2nd year uni was a flop so I'm looking to Kante my dissertation"
by DandotheMan September 12, 2018
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